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Pre-evaluated Sites

We check every website to make sure only the highest quality sites make it to our list. As SEO Experts ourselves, we know exactly what to look for to make sure a site is worth getting a backlink from:

  • High Quality Content
  • Clean Anchor Text Profile
  • No Spammy Looking Sites

As a general rule, if they wouldn’t meet the quality standards of a “manual site audit” by Google, we don’t add it. We only add websites that we are VERY confident to receive a guest blog backlink from for ourselves! In the end, we reject about 75% of the sites we check even though they are accepting guest posts.

Amazingly Affordable

When you submit your post to a website, you pay a small posting fee to the website’s owner. This greatly increases the likelihood that your post is accepted. The best part is 95% of the sites have a posting fee under $20!

Guaranteed Placement

If your guest post is not accepted or can not be posted on the website you choose for ANY reason, your posting fee is returned to your account. You can then fix your content and resubmit or submit your article to a new website.

Sort by Keyword, Niche & Stats

To find the best sites to submit to, fast, simply use the built in filter feature. Sort by keyword, niche, DA, TF, CF and more. Within minutes you’ll have a list of sites ready to receive your guest posts.

Content Written for You

Hate writing content and don’t have a writer on your team? Order professionally written and keyword optimized content directly through the platform. Articles are usually written in 1-2 days and are ready for you to add links and submit.

Add Your Own Sites

Do you have websites that you would like added to our platform? You can get fresh guest post content and get paid for posts.


  • Earn extra money from sites you already have
  • Your domains are kept anonymous from the general membership
  • Our admins handle all submissions and payments to you
  • Guaranteed payment for posting
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